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Most people read only 1/3 as fast as they could. Don’t be one of them. Discover the app that’s helped over 500k people read faster and save time.

Personalized Program

It’s easy to improve when you enroll in a guided course. You’ll find comprehensive, self-paced lessons that are calibrated to your reading level and goals.

Powerful Training Tools

Our tools will the change the way you read. You’ll learn techniques to blaze through text, to strengthen your eye muscles and to become a powerful reader.

Results You Can Measure

It’s fun to track your improvement. You can measure your speed and comprehension at any time, then monitor your charts in statistics.

Train on Your Own Terms

Import your own DRM-free ePubs for use in the Training Center and customize settings as you go.

Skills that Last

Learn the science behind the exercises as you develop core reading strength. You’ll be able to sustain your results and to apply your skills anywhere.

Buying in Bulk?

Special discounts are available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program